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Interview with Home Call Nurse Co-Founder Alison Heath, LPN

Interview with Home Call Nurse Co-Founder Alison Heath, LPN

Alison Heath, LPN

Welcome to – a new dispatch company for healthcare services aimed at helping residents of Wilmington, NC receive convenient and high-quality care right in your own home!

Just like the days of old, our highly Qualified Nurse Practitioners perform house calls.  So you can skip the drive, skip the long wait, and avoid unnecessary germ exposure.

Although Home Call Nurse does not provide medical services, we can arrange treatment for your family by connecting you with a Medical Provider who can prescribe antibiotics, and help with a host of other healthcare needs — like flu shots, school physicals, and general care for all your family members, ages 6 months to 55 years. was founded by a fellow “Wilmingtonian” named Alison Heath who feels that nursing is “one of the most rewarding things” she’s ever done.  Alison has 12 years of experience working in various areas of the healthcare field.  Now, she’s making it her mission in bridging patients in need with providers in the most convenient way for you.

Family medicine is my passion — being able to work with adults, pediatrics, and the elderly.  Helping the family unit as a whole warms my heart.

~ Alison Heath, LPN  |  Partner/Co-Founder of

In this interview, you will get an idea of the ideals, passions, and goals of Alison and her team.  As always, we aim to cater to the needs of your family – it’s the most important thing after all!

Enjoy this chat with Alison Heath, LPN – founder of…

What sets Home Call Nurse apart from others healthcare options in Wilmington, NC?

Home Call Nurse is designed to provide the ‘best of the best’ healthcare.  What sets us apart from everyone else is we connect you with a Medical Professional which will provide medical services in your home where you feel the most comfortable and at ease.  Personal touch, personal service!

We also emphasize convenience by using modern age technology to communicate – this includes Live Chat and Texting to request and schedule appointments.  Our patients even get a text from our providers when we’re on our way.

Nothing flusters me worse than having to sit around and wait!

What inspired you to start Home Call Nurse?

I am very passionate about this particular type of healthcare model and being able to link Nurse Practitioners with families in need.  We’re trying to bring healthcare back to how it used to be — when your family falls ill, you phone the doctor, and he makes a home visit.

Well…minus the horse and buggy.  [laughing]

Can you share some information about your own professional experience?

Sure!  My career in healthcare began 15 years ago.  I started in the Emergency Room, then transferred to Rehabilitation Services working with patients who suffered from brain injuries.  Then, I moved to Primary Care where I gained experience in family medicine for the past eight years.

I am well-rounded in my experience, but I have to say family medicine is my passion — being able to work with adults, pediatrics, and the elderly.  Working with the family unit as a whole warms my heart.

That’s great.  And what can you tell me about your fellow Home Call Nurse team members?

The management team and Providers offering professional medical services take pride in the personal touch the business model brings.  Your Nurse Practitioners are knowledgeable and well-trained to provide acute care and have that warm, friendly bedside manner that all patients appreciate.

I would not partner anyone in your home that I wouldn’t let into mine.  Our expectation is simple: The best of the best!

So, what new and exciting things can we expect from Home Call Nurse this coming year?

I see great things happening this year with a huge opportunity for growth.  I’ve lived here my whole life and there is nothing similar to this kind of convenient connecting service in Wilmington, NC.

We are so excited to finally be able to link our community with its first home medical service for sick visits.  We’re trying to bring healthcare back to how it used to be.

And looking further ahead…what is your 5-year or 10-year vision for Home Call Nurse?

Our future at Home Call Nurse is expected to make huge strides in the next few years – focusing on servicing Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.  The Qualified Medical Providers currently service Pender and Brunswick counties and we are adding on new areas.

I am hoping we can expand further state-wide as we continue to grow and our community begins to see the benefits we provide.  The technology that we are developing is designed to offer the same level of service so that we can expand to other locations in the US.

I’m curious.  What is the #1 most important thing at Home Call Nurse?

The most important thing to me is that the whole family unit is the focus of the Nurse Practitioners entering into the homes in our community.

We let so many things dictate the level of care we receive – from insurance companies to wait times and the simple inconveniences such as having to take a whole day off from work just to go to the doctor.

It doesn’t have to be that way and we can help!

Finally, what can you share about your own personal life and interests?

My amazing husband Brad and I have two children in the home – two girls, ages 7 and 12.  So you can image how noisy our house can be at times.  Brad and I developed this business together so we’re always discussing new ideas and have similar passions.

We enjoy spending time with our families, living a healthy lifestyle, boating, cooking, summer weather, taking trips and pretty much anything on the water.  We love the beach!

Thanks so much for your time Alison!  Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Just that we are so excited to have the opportunity to connect your family with a Medical Provider.  We’re here whenever you need us!

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Home Call Nurse is a team of medical professionals eager to provide the very best care for your family’s acute medical needs.  The best part? We come right to your front door. Skip the drive to the office, the waiting, the germ exposure, and let us come to you.  Your job is to feel better. Our trusted team of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are ready and equipped to diagnose and treat your loved ones in the place where you feel most comfortable…your home.

~Alison Heath, LPN, Partner/Co-Founder

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