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Connecting You with Nurse Practitioners to provide Quality Health Care in Your Own Home

Employer Benefits

Insurance is costly. In N.C., the average annual employer contribution for health insurance is $5,044 per employee. Our monthly memberships are typically $100 per employee, significantly below the average insurance payment most employers are currently paying. Using Home Call Nurse as a primary health care provider for employees combined with a catastrophic medical insurance policy not only results in tremendous savings for the employer and employee, but employers are able to offer their employees a much greater medical experience.

Employee Benefits

  • Direct unlimited access via text, email, virtual visits to a dedicated medical provider.
  • If you require an in-person examination, Home Call Nurse comes to your home or work normally the same day.
  • No more scheduling an appointment with a doctor’s office and getting rushed through like a revolving door. Instead, we believe in a patient first philosophy with personalized and exceptional care for our members.
  • Unlimited sick visits.
  • Extended, unhurried appointments.
  • Same day or next-day appointments.
  • Timely appointments with no waiting.
  • Most basic office test (urinalysis, strep)
  • Many procedures such as sutures.

Agent Benefits

Home Call Nurse typically partners with only one or two agencies in a given area. As an agent, you will have the ability to offer Home Call Nurse services to your customers (the employer) as well as your current arsenal of coverage options such as catastrophic coverage for the employer/employee. There are even self funding programs for larger entities.

  • Competitive higher than industry average recurring monthly commission for all employees.
  • Home Call Nurse is good for the employer, the employee, the provider, and our insurance agency partners.